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School Gardens

As a lover of the countryside and wildlife enthusiast Chris takes great pleasure designing and building outside classrooms. No space too large or small, each being designed to suit the specific needs of the school and its pupils. Chris has recently designed a garden for Water Street School in Skipton.

"When we approached Chris to design and construct our Science Sensory Garden it was like letting a boy loose in a sweet shop. He really took the project on board and put himself into the mind of a young child full of natural curiosity. He remembered what it had been like for him to look for minibeasts, do a bit of bird watching and grow things from seed. We now have the most wonderful facility for our pupils where they can experience a little of the natural world in a very urban setting. They can dig, get grubby, hunt for small creatures, record weather changes,grow and smell plants or sit in our willow "dome" and draw Skipton from an amazing vantage point. It is a great functional space and on the whole is relatively low maintenance. Our pupils love to work in the Science garden walk round it and particularly delight in showing it off to visitors."

Jean McCrickard

Head teacher Water Street School